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Take a life…..A scorn life of tears and pain. Take this soul and set it afire to watch it burn and suffer as it see’s the depth of it’s miserable existence fade out into a bleak white dot. Take this life, set it to film so the world can watch and become entertained by another’s relentless decay…And then set KILL YOUR NAME as the soundtrack.

KILL YOUR NAME was started in late 2011 by Singer Sean Nelson. Formerly of the bands’ MEDIA LAB and AIZEN. Out of the ashes of AIZEN and some heart breaking person life adversity, Sean was inspired to take a stand to all the negativity, and hardship he was faced with…Laying down was not an option.

From the inspiration of pain, misery, and the will to overcome, he formed KILL YOUR NAME.To achieve the wall of crushing sound that was needed for KILL YOUR NAME, he sought out guitarist Mykel Mcguffin, who's destructive, melodic style brought the band to a whole new plain... Because of the band's need to utilize emotional orchestral back drops and epic digital synth, they added muscial mastermind Jordan Jussel . With the addition of very talented and sexy Shannon Bizzy on bass, and surgical percussion master Ralph Alexander on drums ....KILL YOUR NAME was complete

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