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Kill The Klown
Band members
Vocals - Gillo Guitar & Back Vocals - Leo Bass & Back Vocals - Chicco Drums - Luca


The Kill The Klown project was born in 2008 from the meeting of Chicco (bass), Gillo (vocals) and Leo (guitar). They were all members of different bands that played around the Padova and Vicenza regions. Fueled by their mutual passion for bands like Lamb of God, Hatebreed, Machine Head, Down and above all Pantera, they formed a band.
After a short period of playing covers and gelling as a group, the trio moved on to write their own music incorporating Thrash metal with a Hardcore attitude.
While in the process of composing their first tracks they began searching for additional members to complete the lineup . After a trying a series of different musicians, Beppe (guitar) and Luca (drums) joined the band. Both had previously played with Leo in another project.They immediately gelled as a group and brought enthusiasm and new power to the band's creativity.
It was around this period that bands name was chosen: "Kill The Klown". The concept started from the fact that watching the world today, the tv, the newspapers and everything around us ,it's impossible not see how many people make themselves look ridiculous, and will do almost anything in search of fame and to have a "prestigious" place in the society. These people are the "Klown"s which the 5 "Executioners" stand against.With few words, concreteness and passion, this is what we believe and this is what we want to show.
All of this brings the band, in the 2011, to create their first Promo, recorded in Remaster Studio, Vicenza under the supervision of Nick Savio (White Skull/Hollow Haze/Cyber Cross). The promo is composed of two songs: "Bleeding Stone" and "Kill The Klown".
This Promo came out with an enthusiastic judgement from fans, radio and internet sites. After this the band started to prepare tracks for the first full length: “The Show Could Be Your Execution”. The first band’s release is recorded between July and August 2011, published by Crash&Burn Records and distributed by Twilight Distribution, Masterpiece Distribution and EMP.
The band is now putting a lot of effort promoting its music with live performances. Shows are full of hardcore energy with an unstoppable wall of sound from the first to the last note and an incredible energetic mood on the stage.
The band is also writing new stuff for the next release.

The story is just started, and the next step is just around the corner…

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