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Band members
Maritz - Throat Grinch - Bass Gert - Drums Sikes - Guitar TC - Guitar

melodic death metal

The founder and current vocalist, Maritz, formed Octainium in Wales (UK) in 2006 with other members from that area. They recorded a 3 track demo and played a few show. He moved back to SA and reformed Octainium here at home in Jan 2009. We're still going strong.
The word "Octainium" has to do with the ENERGY-aspect of fuel ("a combustable fluid of the highest octane"). So we created a word that carries the "energy" meaning. We strongly believe in energetic performances and feeding off each other's positive and negative energy- so the name seems appropriate.
The genre is very wide. We call the genre "Melodic Hard Rock". We are capable of playing with most bands out there, we played with a good variety of awesome bands to date. We do acoustic shows, rock shows and metal shows- always very interactive with the crowd and living up to our "energetic" name.
We don't try to be any other band. We don't want to sound like any other band- that defeats the purpose of being "an Artist". One has to express oneself artistically, yet uniquely- to set yourself apart from everyone else. To be an induvidual.
Influences will be anything from as mellow as Enya to as loud and heavy as Gojira, let's say. We all like metal in the band, yet everyone has different tastes, from Jazz, Blues, Old School, Neo-Classical Metal, Different Rock and Metal Genres- so we collaborate that into one during a writing process.
Trends come and go- we are unique in what we do, others will soon follow- but we will eventually make a permanent mark in the industry- local and hopefully international. We strongly believe in that!
Our story, after 2 straight years- is only beginning...

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