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Death Alley Motor Cult Bio

Death Alley Motor Cult
Band members
Death Alley Dave - Vocals; Lead Guitar Zero-G - Guitar; Backing Vox Falcon - Bass; Backing Vox The Banker - Drums; Backing Vox


Death Alley Motor Cult brings metal back to were it belongs, to the forefront of radio. Start with a dose of blistering guitar work, a thunderous rhythm section, growling vocals and you have an idea what Death Alley Motor Cult is all about. Drawing from influences as varied as old school metal pioneers like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest to TV greats like The Fonz and Kojak. Death Alley Motor Cult puts it all together in a formula that is infectious and can not be ignored. The DAMC live show is where the magic comes alive for everyone to witness. From the sound of the first guitar chord being struck you are on your feet and immersed in the energy that is Death Alley Motor Cult. With your fist raised in the air and screaming at the top of your lungs you are guaranteed to get more than your money's worth and will leave the show eagerly anticipating more.

What sets Death Alley Motor Cult apart from other bands? It's our own simple formula, love what you do and have fun doing it. What we have to offer may have been done before, but we do it better, with more determination to see that everything we do we is first rate. This work ethic has started to pay great dividends for us. Our vocalist and lead guitar player David Askew co-wrote the first single, Outer Space, off of Ace Frehley's latest solo album. We have played shows all over the state from San Francisco To Los Angeles and many places in between. We have opened for national acts and many headline shows of our own. We have garnered interest on local Fresno rocks stations as well as interest across the Eastern U.S. as well as Europe. We are starting to create quite a buzz and have just finished up our first full length CD, "Dead to the World" and are ready to assault the metal world with it's release on July 15th. We would like for you to join with us and take Death Alley Motor Cult to the next level...the top!

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