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And The Weak Lie Frail Bio

And The Weak Lie Frail
Band members
Vocals: Adam Milburn, Guitars: Dustin Pierson, Guitars: James Utt, Bass: Mark Moats, Drums: Chris Morrison


Youngstown, Ohio United Sates

Originally formed in the summer of 2006 AND THE WEAK LIE FRAIL abandoned all previous projects to collaborate on heavy unique music. After several small tours in northeastern Ohio as well as a slew of second guitar players and replacing the drummer in January of 2008 and once again changing the lineup in spring the following year, ATWLF solidified there roster. Toured to Nashville and back summer of 2009.With only one goal intended, to create brutal music that scars the mind and leaves deliverance on the tip of your tongue. Preparing to release there first full length summer of 2010. AND THE WEAK LIE FRAIL refuses conformity and continues to drive deep within your heart and soul.

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