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Fallstaf Bio

Band members
Matt - Drums The Hitman – Trombone Ian – Vocals Benn – Bass Simm – Guitar

alt metal

Hiring a hit man can sometimes to be seen as a means to an end, but not for Montreal, QC metallers Fallstaf. With their aggressive tendencies and energetic approach to lay it all out in the mosh pit, these brawlers realized that hiring a hit man with a trombone is the means to fuel the fire and only the beginning of what has become.

Forming their own new genre dubbed “Brass Metal”, out of their other more soften music collective North East Bistro. Fallstaf is the angry brother who has melange the trombone assassinations of the hit man with their brand of aggressive / heavy hitting metal that ranges in influences from heavy rock, thrash and hardcore. Expressing their darkest moments from their corner of the world with a creative metal soundscape, Fallstaf is set to release their debut full length “Bastard Sons of a Pure Breed” on October 25, 2011 and add a new sound to the metal family tree.

The 11 track album of fury is the follow up to Fallstaf’s 2009 EP “The Hitman Plays Trombone” and was self produced by Fallstaf, and mixed and mastered by Kevin Jardine (Slaves on Dope) of Uplift Studios.

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