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Nexus Inferis
Band members
o.s.entity - Guitars, Voice of the final Earth, Synth Lyn Jeffs - Drums Chris Clarke - Bass Veracity - Vocals

death metal

encompasses a master design of modern extreme metal .

Savage yet imaginative guitar riffs and intense gravity / hyper drumming churn at the core of this cold,empty death-machine.
Surrounded and cursed by devices of sinister orchestration, industrial textures
and digital sound-designs .
Possessed by a vocal threat spanning both human and non-human spectrum’s.
Composed and envisioned by o. s.entity through 2009-2010.
The once solo-project has secured the allegiance of elite metal musicians to bring this creature to life: Lyn Jeffs (Drums-Ingested, ex -Annotations of an autopsy)
Chris Clarke (Bass-Xerath)and Veracity (Vocals-Decapity)

During March 2010 N.I entered Studio 6 - Wiltshire U.K
and the first installment was born!
The debut EP, “A Vision Of The Final Earth” features five original compositions and provides a vivid scope of the demise towards which modern man propagates.
A panorama of the future-less and the new aeon of the machine!! The dark at the end of this techno - topian tunnel known as human existence .

To further enhance this perspective, N .I collaborated with visual artist Oliver Haecker ( who produced two exclusive pieces emanating the EP’s lyrical thesis .

Having allowed no compromise thus far, in June 2011 “A Vision Of The Final Earth” was sent to be mastered by one of the most decorated names in the business: Alan douches at Westside Studios (Nile, Superjoint Ritual, Hatebreed, Dillenger escape plan etc).

This vision is complete!

Yet this marks only the beginning of a much greater scheme.
Today, N.I now looks to bring this creature to life on the live stage.
With all of the individuals sharing a wealth of gigging experience, aswell as a collective outlook that allows no compromise - The live show promises to be nothing short of spectacular,innovative and profound.

Recognizing creativity as the last resistance for this kind, N.I endeavors to channel this life-force into a new Aeon of Extreme music.

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