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Generation Kill Bio

Generation Kill
Band members
Rob Dukes - Vocals Rob Moschetti - Bass/Backing Vocals Lou Lehman - Lead Guitar Jason Trenczer - Lead Guitar Sam Inzerra - Drums


The original concept of the band was to break away from the current formula by embracing their roots and incorporating them into the project.

"GENERATION KILL is a true crossover band. Each song has its own identity, and mood, which gives the band its original sound without abandoning their influences.

"By adding two lead guitarist/songwriters to the band, a whole new dimension has been introduced to GENERATION KILL.

"While Jason Trenczer adds technical guitar work, Lou Lehman adds catchy riffs and solos. The final ingredient to the band is veteran drummer Sam Inzerra. Sam has a death metal background which adds speed and power to the project.

"Each member of the band takes part in the writing process.

"While each member has established himself in legendary and underground bands, let it be known that this is no side project."

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