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Chromatic Black Bio

Chromatic Black
Band members
Mad Marvellous - Guitar Dr. E - Bass Daniel R Mueller - Vocals Monsieur Boum Jaques - Drums Carl Creepy - Guitar

hard rock

Mix all fundamental colours together and you get black - colourfull black -
Chromatic BLaCK.

Diversity, creativity, and an open-minded character make life and music more
chromatic - more condensed. See the colors, which mix to black - hear the
individuality, which mixes to the music of chromatic BLaCK.
Five musicians, as different as possible, mixed to a loud ensemble. But not
just the ingredients are important it depends on the mix to create nothing new
but all different. Experienced best at the sweaty, excessive, and often out of
control live shows.

chromatic BLaCK is not a conventional band, but represents a master plan
of music, performance and visual aspects. The singer of the band and desig-
ner daniel R mueller realizes artwork, photos and videos in DIY-tradition. The
passion for art and music, the rejection of any cliché and a excessive lifestyle
generates classy music far from any class.

A hybrid of an analog and a digital world: rock 'n' roll penetrated by
synthetic effect collage. The influences are not just different but complementa-
ry. A central point of the musical content is the critical examination of present
social concerning. Do not read music listen to it!

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