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Kill Ritual Bio

Kill Ritual
Band members
Steven Rice - lead guitar Josh Gibson - vocals Wayne Devecchi - drums Roberto Proietti - guitar Danyael Williams - bass


After the demise of Imagika, Wayne and I decided to form a new band that would bring life to the music we had been working on after Imagika called it a day. We had a goal in mind of writing music that reflected our influences from thrash, classic, progressive, power, whatever-kicks-ass metal and this required bringing in experienced players that have been there and done that. We were lucky enough to come in contact with Roberto and Danyael, who had the kind of pedigree and experience we were definitely looking for.

"Having both been in bands that have released numerous albums worldwide and toured extensively, they are a perfect fit for this new band. The missing element was, of course, vocalist Josh, who came into the band with the work ethic, experience and attitude that is essential as a vocalist to help the songs take on a life of their own. His unique and identifiable vocal style is the change we needed from our past projects as we definitely had the idea of Kill Ritual taking a new direction from our collective past bands and I think we have achieved that. I mean, what's the point of rehashing what you've already done? I feel the rough demo tracks [we have released] show this and are only a hint of what's to come.

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