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Sunrise Bio

Band members
Daniel - guitar Piotr - guitar Arek - drums Adam - bass Pat - vocals


Sunrise, hailing from Warsaw, Poland has been around nearly a decade and managed to create their easily recognized style where their HC/punk commitment and a true love for a metal music meet. Simply kids who came out both from metal and HC scene teamed up together to play the tunes to be the soundtrack for the everyday life in the fucked up world we live in. They've always tried to mix brutal parts with some melodies. While some of their stuff like the debut full length "Generation of Sleepwalkers" (Sanctuary, 1998) was really heavy and harsh, the follow up "Child of Eternity" (Sober Mind, 2000) was way more too melodic and brought a Swedish metal into the HC scene in the late 90s for good. Their MCD "Still walking with the fire" (Youth Culture, 2002) sounded more brutal again and set the path they wanted to follow, but then out of the blue they signed Lifeforce and decided to record 3 unreleased and older tracks for the split with Liar called "Decontaminate" (Lifeforce, 2003). Having found home at Lifeforce Records and making some crucial changes in the line up they've started to work on their long anticipated full length in early winter 2003/2004. During the song writing process they've already known that finally they captured what's they love the most in music - its energy. Harsher and rougher than ever, still pretty rocky, packed with pounding riffs and catchy sing along parts is what came out of their sweat in their basement and then was recorded in June/July 2004 under the title of "Traces to Nowhere". The lyrics of the new album are focused on the issue of a true rebellion against all we're supposed to be which comes out to the simply choices we can make day by day. It's not black and white picture and still they can see read and they really do, now even more, as they seem to know much more what's behind the curtain of the fabulous world we are being lurked with. Getting ready for playing as many shows as possible when the record is out this fall, they are ready to shout out what they believe in and they want to communicate with other people. They want to create an alternative to the 'promised land' we'd never reach. They want people on their shows to share the energy and communicate with each other, getting the motivation to go on. They want you to be a rebel. A rebel with a cause.

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