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Herod Bio

Band members
Bryce March - Guitar Jeremy Partlow - Bass Mike Jeffers - Drums Judah Nero - Vocals Jesse Benker - Guitar


Buffalo NY's Herod came together in late 2000 when founding members Mike Jeffers and Jesse Benker decided to do a project that was a little more metal than projects they had been involved with in the past: Union (Ferret Records), Dead to the World (Stillborn Records), The Control (Go-Kart Records), Policy 187(Fetus Records), etc. After writing a batch of songs, the two began putting together a lineup to record a demo. Upon completing Herod's first lineup, the band entered Watchmen Studios with Doug White to record their first demo.
After recording the demo, the band hit the road to start letting people hear the music of Herod. After a few months of playing around the Northeast, Midwest, and Canada, the band was able to secure the interest of Sounds of Revolution Records as well as Philadelphia's Too Damn Hype Records. The band then decided to release the demo in CDEP format (entitled Sinner's in the Eyes of an Angry God) in September 2001 on Canada's Sounds of Revolution Records. The band continued to write new material and tour during most of 2001.
Early in 2002, Herod released Execution Protocol through Too Damn Hype Records. This was followed by extensive touring in support of the record, including the Summer of Imprisonment Tour with Season of Fire (Goodfellow Records). The tour proved to be too much for some Herod members and they were replaced with the duo of Bryce March (guitar) and Jeremy Partlow (bass).
In the fall of 2002, the band began demoing new material. This new material caught the attention of Lifeforce Records. A deal was struck between the two and Herod began writing for their debut on Lifeforce.
During the early part of 2003, Herod played the role of weekend warrior, traveling to play only in the Northeast and Midwest. Also at this time, Too Damn Hype Records released the compilation East Coast Assault 3, on which Herod contributed a track, and Lifeforce released a new label sampler featuring a new Herod track.
During the summer of 2003, Herod parted ways with their original vocalist. This move paved the way for Judah Nero to enter the fold. Judah was a former member of Plain of Ashes and brought a breath of fresh air to Herod (melody as well). The band then entered Tough Guy Studios to record the debut, "For Whom the Gods Would Destroy", and continued touring.
While waiting for the new record to drop January 27th, 2004, the band has been busy playing all around the East Coast, Midwest, and Canada.
If you haven't heard Herod before, now is the time. If you are a fan of Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Pantera, than Herod is the band for you. Strap in and hold on tight.

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