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Destiny Bio

Band members
Sebastian Formella - guitar Jim Patrick - drums Sascha Bath-Ahmer - bass Johannes Formella - vocals


In the end of 1997 five young kids decided to start a band called DESTINY. The next four years were used to get experiences in writing songs, playing shows, touring foreign countries and recording demos. Some of the recorded songs took place in several compilations. There were also a lot of line-up changes in that time, so that the current line-up wasn't found until may 2001. In the following summer DESTINY went on their first European tour for nearly five weeks, through which they got a lot more attention in Europe.
Back home, the band started recording their first full-length DIVING INTO ETERNITY, which came out in January 2002 on Beniihana Records. The next few months were used for promoting the album by playing a lot of shows.
In June 2002 the band went into the studio again to record 2 brand new songs and to become more professional in refer to the work in a studio.
In August 2002 DESTINY got signed with Lifeforce Records.
Because of the fact that their debut album was sold out in Fall 2002, the band decided to do a totally remastered and new designed re-release of DIVING INTO ETERNITY including two brand new bonus tracks, which came out in September 2003 on Beniihana Records.
In August 2003 DESTINY went into the Ant Farm Studio in Denmark to record their first Lifeforce album which has been released in March 2004 and mark the bands most successful release so far. Destiny just finished a six week euro tour with Trustkill's Most Precious Blood.

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