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Cipher System Bio

Cipher System
Band members
Johan - Lead guitars Peter - Electronics Pontus - Drums Daniel - Vox Magnus - Guitars Henric - Bass guitar


The band started out back in -96, but first in 98 the first singer joined. A two song demo was recorded, "Path of Delight". The response was amazing and they got their first contract. But as the singer was only 15 years old and no one in the band was over 18, the 10 years contract was neglected.

One of the founders of the band, andreas (guitars) left the band in 2000 and got replaced by Peter (Electronics).

The first real demo "Eyecon" (2001) got great response around the world (9/10, 8/10 close-up SWE) and things started to go Cipher System's way. Magnus, the new guitarist was hired and short after that they recorded 3 new songs and that recording (Promo 2003) caught the attention of Lifeforce records. This recordning is what became the split-CD with By Night.

Now, Cipher System has recorded 10 great melodic metal songs in Studio Fredman. This is what will be their first full length to be released through Lifeforce Records in September 2004.

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