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Broken Teeth Bio

Broken Teeth
Band members
Jason McMaster - Singer Paul Lidel - Guitar Jared Tuten - Guitar Mike Watson - Bass Bruce Rivers - Drums


Guilty Pleasure" follows the band's 1999 self-titled debut, and in true Broken Teeth fashion, the album's tracks run the guitar-rock gamut. There are headbanging ballcrushers ("Devil Money," "Crash Landing Affair," "She Dances Evil"), mid-tempo shout-alongs ("Down to the Fire," "High on Danger" and "Chaingang") and whiskey-drenched, bluesy laments ("Second Hand" and "Happy End"). Wrap it in flames, pitchforks and devil horns, and "Guilty Pleasure," is the kind of album that would bring a sly, snaggletooth smile to the face of Bon Scott. The same can be said for the band's debut album, which sold more than 2,000 copies by word of mouth and high-voltage live performances. called Broken Teeth a "scorchin' band" and "a mighty force to be reckoned with". For all their three-chord studio anthems, Broken Teeth does even more damage onstage. McMaster yelps and wails like an electrocuted cat dressed in well-worn leather and perhaps the world's last remaining Rhino Bucket T-shirt. Guitarist Paul Lidel is a blitzkrieg of blues-based leads, while his co-hort Jared Tuten anchors the rhythm with six strings and a scowl. The bruising, bottom-end boom is supplied by the grizzly bear beats of drummer Bruce Rivers and his partner in crime, bassist Brett McCormick

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