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Ramesses Bio

Band members
Adam - Bass and Vocals Mark - Drums Tim - Guitars

Death/Doom Metal

RAMESSES was born in England, February 2003. The seed of inspiration that gave birth to the band came from Mark Anthony Greening (who was incidentally named after the movie Cleopatra, that stars Elizabeth Taylor). Earlier during that bitter winter, he had parted ways with the band he'd drummed for since its creation, Electric Wizard, and wanted to continue to push his (now world famous) insanely creative drumming. Similarly, Tim Bagshaw, his long-time friend, had also left Electric Wizard, looking to leave behind what he saw as the boredom of the bass in favour of the guitar. Their departures shocked both the media and fans alike, who are still debating the reasons why...

After several jams, Mark and Tim began searching for a bass player. They played with a few musicians, including Leo Smee (ex-Cathedral), who was on a totally different musical vibe. During these jams in London with Leo, Tim and Mark stayed with Adam Richardson, a fellow native of their hometown, Wimborne in Dorset.

At this time there was a lot of talk about music among the three, and in particular Adam's previous band Spirmyard. Adam was surprised to find out that Mark and Tim were such fans of his earlier work. They also remembered a sunny Sunday afternoon in 1998 when Adam invited Tim and another friend for a devastating jam in his back garden in Wimborne. The session was recorded under the codename 'Bleach Monkey', and generated thousands of complaints at the local council's Environmental Health office. With RAMESSES in mind, the main attraction for Mark and Tim was the fact that Adam could play bass and sing, so they could maintain a three-piece line-up.

By Walpurgisnacht, RAMESSES had built its unique style of freeform jams, crushingly infectious riffs, warlike grooves and enigmatic spells. A press release was issued and featured in press from over 50 countries, alongside major press and radio interviews in the UK, US and beyond. Now extremely focused, the band geared up to enter the studio for the first time. In late August, they holed up at London's Fortress Studios and within 24 hours they had recorded and mixed 4 tracks that RAMESSES will begin releasing in December 2003.

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