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Enchanted, The Bio

Enchanted, The
Band members
Tony - Vocals and guitars Robb - Vocals and guitars Adam - Bass Jamie - Drums


Originally formed in 1997 the The Enchanted have diversified and intensified their sound, proving to be one of the most exciting and unpredictable bands in the UK
2002 saw the release of The Enchanted's debut album "Trust in Death and Rebirth" on their own label, Sinister Realms. Response from media and fans has been incredible, with Golden Lake being one of the band's biggest admirers, hence why the band were snapped up by Golden Lake for the release of the "For Those Who Fall..." EP.
The Enchanted have played numerous gig's up and down the UK and Ireland and hope to travel further afield in the near future. They have been well received wherever they play, and are guaranteed to get the audience tapping their feet - if not headbanging furiously!
The EP "For Those Who Fall..." has been released on Golden Lake, check it out if you like catchy and aggressive death/thrash metal with pagan themes.

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