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The Aerium
Band members
Sevostjanova Veronika - vocals Novikov Kirill - guitars Grishin Andrey - keyboards Reshetnikov Igor - bass Gubko Alexander - drums and percussion


THE AERIUM was born in 2001, but it's suitable to say that it was an idea only in the mind's of the musicians. Three of them (Alex, Andrew and Kirill) played together since 1999 in the project called "Version".
Two years later they decided to begin a new project, quite different from the previous one and in 2002 Igor and Veronika joined the band. At the moment they finally defined the concept of their music and began creating songs with symphonic scores and opera vocals. The music was enriched with wonderful melodies and operatic/tragic elements.
The first recorded song was "The Bones", but it wasn't included in the next demo. The first recorded song which defined the musical style of the band was "Song For the Dead King".
At the end of 2002 THE AERIUM recorded the first demo-CD including three songs ("Song For the Dead King", "Sentinel" and "Wanderer"). In 2003 they worked on new material, played various concerts and finally decided to record new songs. The original plan was to use these recordings like a demonstration complete album searching for a record deal.
Recording was finished in July 2004 and the result was forty-minutes long album entitled "Song For the Dead King".
In late autumn 2004 the band signed a deal with BLACK LOTUS RECORDS and their debut album was released in December 2004
Prepare yourselves for a magnificent symphonic heavy-metal journey that will make your soul fly!

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