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Transistor Transistor
Band members
Nat - Guitar, Vocals Brad - Guitar Garrison - Bass James - Drums


Since 2001 Transistor Transistor has been touring relentlessly and releasing various EP's demonstrating a love affair with loud and aggressive rock music. At the beginning of 2004 though, Transistor Transistor found themselves at the end of a 5 week European tour and down two members. Instead of closing up shop like so many of their peers, Transistor Transistor found countless reasons to press on, and reinvent themselves. Almost immediately James Moller and Brad Wallace, who played in Orchid, Bucket Full of Teeth, and Wolves, were added to the line-up. Wallace and Moller both being long time friends of the band synched up perfectly and sparks were flying from the first practice. Not a step was lost and the band had every reason to think big and begin writing new songs, demonstrating this new found chemistry. Transistor Transistor effectively locked themselves in a practice space for the next 7 months, working harder and being more critical of themselves than ever before.

Erase All name and Likeness is the result of a labor of love, and of a band ready to take a look at its core song writing values and explode them in every direction possible. Fans of the band will find Transistor Transistor to still be in love with loud driving rock songs, but will find these new songs to be heavier, more complex, and more dynamic then any previous releases. They will also find Transistor Transistor stepping out of their previously defined boundaries and exercising some post-rock leanings indicative of a band not afraid to evolve. Lyrically and thematically focused on issues of identity and presentation, Erase All Name and Likeness is a passionate display of loud music finding a new voice. Whether it be the familiar stylings of the 90 second "Sweet William" or the 13+ minute "A sinking Ship full of Optimist" fans old and new will find something to bang their heads to.

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