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Bereaved, The
Band members
Tobhias Ljung_-Drums, backing vocals Henrik Tranemyr- Lead / Riff guitar Johny Westerback- Lead / Riff guitar / Lead vocals Mikael Nilsson- Bass / Keyboards


In 1998 Mikael Nilsson (bass) and Henrik Tranemyr (guitar) came up with the idea to start a metal band and were looking for more people interested. They quickly recruited Jonny Westerback for the vocals and Tony Thorén for the second guitar. With a drummer lacking they asked Tobhias Ljung, at that time guitarist/vocalist in Henrik's other band, to join The Bereaved (ex Clone) and he accepted the offer.

Now the line-up were completed but several months passed away and nothing happened, not even a rehearsal and with Tony leaving the band. But in November 1999 Jimmy Johansson joined in on the vocals and Jonny picked up the second guitar instead.

In early 2000 we entered a studio to record a demo, but it was never released. We continued rehearsing and in August 2000 we were confirmed to appear on a Blind Guardian tribute-record. Which was released July 2003. We went into the studio again and recorded the BG song "Welcome to Dying" with Tobhias behind the microphone. Because Jimmy's lack of interest for the band, he left it a few months later. Jonny and Tobhias took over the vocal duties.

We played a few gigs with that line-up, but we felt that we needed a vocalist, so we recruited Mikael Reini to handle the microphone. After a few months later we entered the studio again and recorded our second demo (promo/demo 2001), which were completely sold out.

Late august 2002: Once again we felt that we had a problem with a vocalist that didn't care about the band, so we decided to tell Mikael Reini to leave the band just one week before recording our third demo. The demo was recorded in Soundlab studios by ourselves (assistant engineering by Mathias Färm of Millencolin and Mieszko Talarczyk of Nasum) between 2-5 September and mixed by Mieszko Talarczyk and Clone 21-22 September 2002. The result was Inverted Icons which gave the band great reviews and several contract offers. In the summer of 2003 we decided to sign for Black Lotus Records. In January 2004 we recorded our first album Darkened Silhouette in Studio Underground (Carnal Forge, Construcdead etc)

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