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Phazm Bio

Band members
Pathryck - Guitars Dyhrk - Drums Pierhryck - Vocals and guitars Mahx - Bass


PHAZM was born in 2003. The seed started growing when chord-whippers Pierhryck and Pathryck found a common passion in creating dark, mud-soaked riffs, as well as in inhaling obscure forest substances. Skin-torturer Dyrhk was immediately seduced by this realm of aggressive black metal sounds coated with rock 'n roll influences, and during the Fall of 2003, PHAZM spawned its first aural insanities. Since initial low frequency beast Olivia got caught in the branches of a mercilessly tight schedule, bassist Mahx left his little stinky hole shortly before the recording of a three-track demo. But instead of releasing this noisy slab as planned, PHAZM decided to migrate towards the Danish plains in order to record a full-length offering with producer Jacob Hansen. During the cold and dark month of December 2003, ten songs were carved onto tape in a very raw and straightforward manner, and upon witnessing "Hate At First Seed", Osmose Productions quickly signed the four-piece. PHAZM deals with a rebellion of the trees, a return to the roots in all directions of the term: the trees versus the cross, versus the new technological age, versus humanity. This translates in filthy , extreme , groovy , old-school metal purely inspired by great names such as DARKTHRONE , SATYRICON , BATHORY and MOTORHEAD. It won't take long before your ears are filled with resin !

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