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Candiria Bio

Band members
Carley Coma - Vocalization
John Lamacchia - Guitar
Eric Matthews - Guitar
Michael MacIvor - Bass
Kenneth Schalk - Drumset


Candiria possesses the ability to dazzle musically and intellectually and still get people up to dance and sing. Mixing Groove, Hardcore, Metal, Hip Hop and Jazz, Candiria has created an Urban Fusion that stimulates both the mental and physical sensibilities of the listeners. They write music of life in an eclectic way, tapping the depths of their own emotions to discover how music, in its most theoretical aspect, can affect other peoples emotions. In other words, Candiria has no problem setting moods or inspiring brainstorms in its listeners. Two cd's have thus far been released, Surrealistic Madness and Beyond Reasonable Doubt . Even though these releases were not heavily marketed, Candiria has generated an international buzz and shared the stage with the likes of Machine Head, Earth Crisis and Sepultura, and in the process, the quintet has exposed the unique sound to a wide range or audiences. Candiria's live performance generates an intimate bond between the band and the audience; a union that creates its own energy as fans experience higher and higher dimensions of musical innovation. Now Candiria introduces Process Of Self.Development . Recorded in their hometown of Brooklyn, NY at Purple Lights Studios and produced by the band & Michael Batile, Process ...showcases Candiria's new level of musical confidence and incredible future promise for exploring new musical frontiers. Perfectly placed guest appearances include Jamey of Hatebreed, Jorge of El Nino/Merauder, Phil of Irate, Paul of Dissolve, Tim Byrnes on trumpet and Kevin Greenland on bagpipe. So diverse are Candiria's influences (John Coltrane, Frank Zappa, John Zorn, etc) that it is nearly impossible to categorize the band. Process Of Self.Development challenges any preconceptions listeners might bring to the listening experiences and absolutely demolishes musical boundaries and genres while inviting the listener to look inward through Candiria's musical lens.

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