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By Night
Band members
Adrian Westin - vocals Andre Gonzales - guitar Simon Wien - guitar Henrik Persson - bass Per Qvarnström - drums


Well it all started out 1999 in Falkenberg (southwestern Sweden) when Simon (guitar), André (guitar) and Per (drums) decided to put their old band "Predicted conspiracy" to the side, and start the band By Night that sounded a lot more harder than before. They had some different members at a time until they found Henrik Persson (bassist) who made their dreams come true. With Henrik in the band there came new inspirations and they dropped the strings all the way to "B" and there was a lot more aggressive sound to it. After about half a year of song writing they at last found what they'd been searching for, the singer Christoffer Andersson. With him they recorded 2 demos "By Night"(year 2000) and "Derelict" (year 2001). But after some social problems between Christoffer and By Night, they went different paths. This was some time around spring 2002 and since By Night was writing a bit different music, they decided that they would need a lot more aggressive new singer, and so they came to think of Adrian Westin that sings in the appropriate titled band "Aggressive Serpent". New inspirations came to life and By Night recorded "Lamentations" (2002). After that By Night has received a lot of good response as they've been voted to best unsigned bands in magazines like "Monster Magazine" and the biggest metal magazine in Northern Europe "Close-Up". By Night has got generally good response from everyone (almost). Both from their latest Recording and from their live performances around southern Sweden. And By Night has now got in touch with different labels but has decided to cooperate with LifeForce records in Germany. Now By Night is writing new songs for a future album recording.

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