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7 Angels 7 Plagues Bio

7 Angels 7 Plagues
Band members
Matt - guitar
Jared - drums
Ryan - guitar
Matt - vocals
Kyle - bass


A sonic maelstrom of 9 savagely metallic assaults delivered with surgeon like precision. 7 angels 7 Plagues combine the raw and bludgeoning fury of contemporary metalcore bands like Florida's Poison the Well and fellow Midwesterners, Walls of Jericho, with the unrelenting bark and bile of noisecore standard bearers Coalesce and the melodic harmonic and heavy percussion of Zao. The 9 songs on the Wisconsin bands full length Uprising debut are sure to please hardcore purists who prefer the aforementioned bands, and more "mainstream" minded heavy music enthusiasts alike - the kind of kids who buy Fear Factory and Meshuggah records and love to make fun of Limp Bizkit. The heaviest dose of faith inspired brutality to come along in quite some time.

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