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Utuk Xul
Band members
Fire - Bass Inferis Vobyscum - Vocals Gigim Maskin Xul - Guitars Tophel - Drums

black metal

...From the Southern Spirits rise the Legions of Satan, From where Evil and Hate prevails...

Utuk Xul started their occult quest over 10 years ago, under the name of Dies Irae, releasing one demo tape, 'The law is for all', in 1994 with a primitive and very raw 'n' ugly sound. 150 copies were distributed by the band.

In 1997 the band changed its name into Utuk Xul, and penetrated deeper into the underground, trying to combine the Raw War Black Metal music with the serious Satanic Visions all members were heavily occupied with. A demo, 'Dies irae' was recorded and released, which was very well received.

Some shows were done with other, local black metal acts, and a Colombian label called Tribulacion Records proposed the band to record a split album with fellow country men Thy Antichrist. The release got delayed and finally saw the light of day in 2002. The Utuk Xul tracks were already recorded in late 1999, and again showed progression, sounding even more convincing than their previous work.

Since the band got more material written in the meantime, Colombian label Hell Attacks signed the Utuk Xul for a full length, which was recorded late 2003 and locally released in 2004. 'The goat of the black possession' is surely the band's most mature material up to date, with raging ongoing furious Satanic War Black Metal supreme, killer sound, diabolic artwork, and a real satanic ritual as intro and outro. The people who got ahold of a copy worshipped the band, and Utuk Xul got the opportunity to open up for foreign leading black metal acts as Dark Funeral and Enthroned. Now, new plans are made, among which a split album with another Colombian extreme act and a possible European tour later this year.

While Hell Attacks is a serious and dedicated label, Holland's From Beyond Productions offered to license the album, for worldwide availabilty. A deal was made, with the licenced CD (with renewed and improved layout) being available from February 28th, 2005.

This album is surely one not to be missed, for its sheer brutality and black metal dedication will be appreciated by many underground extreme metal fans!

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