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Summers End Bio

Summers End
Band members
Josh Hansen-Vocals John Letzkus-Lead Guitar Dave Clarke-Bass Brian Mitchell-Rhythm Guitar Alexei Rodriguez-Drums


Rising from the ashes of 5 previous bands guitarist John Letzkus and vocalist Josh Hansen looked to form a band in which they could exercise all of there musical influences and push themselves to the next level, from this the 5 piece known as Summers End was born. After a failed attempt to form a band in New Jersey John moved back to Maryland to find members to fill the remaining positions in the late fall of 2002. A line up was finally complete with ex-members Dave Eaton, Paul Macatee, and Bucky Griffin. Several tours later Summers End would go on to record their debut self-titled CD at Tracks East studios with producer Eric Rachel. Shortly after signing with Hand Of Hope records John called in friend/ex-bandmate Brian Mitchell from Nightmare Prophecy to fill-in after splitting with Paul and Bucky. Once rehearsals began Brian was asked to stay with Summers End permanently. Then the hunt was on to find a bassist who fit the needed requirements. By nearly accident, bassist Dave-Chili-Clarke, ex-The Burning Season, ran into John at a local music store while looking to sell his bass. With mearly days before a month long Midwest/west coast tour Chili agreed to come on the road and learn the songs. 4 days into tour with Brian and John showing him the songs he began playing on stage and fit right in. The completed band line up had opened more things for the band such as touring, and having shared the staged with some bands such as Gotham Road, As I Lay Dying, Chimaira, Haste, Caliban, Sworn Enemy, Anthrax, Tubring, Shadows Fall, Bloodjinn, Society's Finest, The Judas Cradle and Integrity. Now recently splitting with Dave the 4 have begin a new chapter with ex-Walls Of Jericho drummer Alexei Rodriguez and are prepared for anything and have the drive to show the fans of all genres of music what its truly about.

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