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Shadow Cut
Band members
OMNIO - vocals / guitar and main composer REPE F.W. MISANTHROPE - drums M. HARVILAHTI - bass guitar


Shadow Cut was formed in the end of 2002 by Omnio and Repe F.W. Misanthrope.
The main idea from the beginning has been to make variated death/ black metal with a touch of their own cold sound. Musical and lyrical presentation is mainly very aggressive and in their music intentional primitive and progressive elements go hand in hand.
Shadow Cut recorded their debut promo in the beginning of 2004 in Helsinki's Jive- studio in 13 hours. Bassist M. Harvilahti joined the band only a week before the recording.

Firebox showed interest towards the band in March 2004 and offered a deal for two albums and Shadow Cut decided to accept it. In November 2004 the band entered again to Jive- studio to record their debut cd Pictures of Death.
With the producer and recorder Henri Sorvali (also known as Trollhorn) the band spend six intensive days in the studio. The result is 42 minutes of variated and powerful death/ black metal with very aggressive vocals.
Shadow Cut's music also contains a strong organic and crushing groove, that's seldomly present in nowadays almost synthetic and computer generated way of producing metal music.

These are the stories from the dark side of a human mind…….!!!!

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