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Troglodyte Bio

Band members
Chris Wilson: drums Jeff Sisson: vox Jack Riedell: Guitar/vox Ben von Schiefelbusch: Bass

Death Metal

Troglodyte is an american death metal band from Kansas City MO. Formed in early 2005, the band was formed by singer Jeff Sisson, drummer Chris Wilson, guitar player Jack Reidell. Soon after the creation of the band they were joined by bassist Gary Wray who formerly played for The Feds and National Fire Theory. After Gary Wray's departure from the band in early 2006, bassist Ben VonSchiefelbusch soon joined the band.
Troglodyte released their long anticipated demo cd entitled Anthropoid Effigy in mid 2006. In 2007 they were joined by a second guitar player Jeremy Bruen, who was in the band for about 6 months. During the next few years Troglodyte played numerous shows with national acts such as Testament, Iced Earth, Obituary, Origin and many more.
Troglodyte was best described in an article written by Jordan Rogers What lurks in the woods.Troglodyte has also been written about in many Magazine articles including Pitch Troglodyte reps KC, and will be featured in the #111 issue of Rue Morgue Magazine.
In early 2010 they recorded their debut cd entitled Welcome to Boggy Creek. Welcome to Boggy Creek will be released early May of 2011. In 2007 Troglodyte had the song Don't go in the woods featured on a compilation album released by Razorback Records.
Troglodyte's music is Extreme yet sometimes very melodic with crushing breakdowns. They write songs primarily about Sasquatch, Bigfoot, and wear masks created by singer Jeff Sisson IMDB page who is also a movie special effects/actor. Drummer Chris (clwilson)Wilson has played in many bands including Cadence, Enkryption, Gornography. Guitar player Jack Reidell has played in many bands including Jesus Corpus, Disinterment, Marasmus.

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