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Memorized Dreams
Band members
Frode Hovd: Guitars Kaare Jenssen: Guitars Geir Rosø: Vocals Olav Skei: Drums Kenneth Skarsvaag: Bass Stian D Rødsjø: Synthesizers


A Norwegian Progressive Power Metal band with melodies and speed in the vein of old bands. The main aspects in the Memorized Dreams music are the melodies that show beautiful piano parts and choirs yet blended with powerful riffs and pounding drums.

The band started back in 1999 under the name Symphonica Divine. Back then it was mostly cover tunes of the old Power Metal heroes like Helloween and Stratovarius. The lineup back then was mainly the same as in MEMORIZED DREAMS, with a few exceptions. After a while we started writing our own songs and "Holy Land" and "Ancient Sin" from our Demo, was actually written back then. But after some months, the lead singer Ståle Rosø had to leave the band, and this forced a vocal change, and even a style change as well, we progressed into a more Progressive oriented Metal/Rock style with female vocals. But this didn't last for long; we wanted to go back to the start, to the fast songs and melodies we always craved for.

The band decided to take the Power Metal tunes of the old days back to the studio, re-arrange them, and record them as their first Demo. It was during these recordings they discovered the singing talents of Geir Rosø, and he was immediately given the job as the new lead singer. Since the recordings of the Demo, Olav Skei has replaced Hugo Rødsjø on the drums, and it concludes the perfect lineup for MEMORIZED DREAMS. The Demo was recorded in Eidegaarden Studio, produced and mixed Eskild Kløften (From Divided Multitude) and Frode Hovd. The Demo then proceeded to get some pretty good reviews, and orders came in from all around the world by including the legendary shop Disk Heaven from Japan. 300 Demos were pressed, and all of these were sold out pretty quick.

Then in December 2002 Sound Riot Records from Portugal contacted the band. The label showed great interest in the band, and in May 2003 the deal was signed, and MEMORIZED DREAMS were now a part of the Sound Riot label. The debut CD will be released early 2004.

Some info about the upcoming album entitled "Theater Of Life" are: It will be recorded at Brygga Studio, some references of this studio are: Divided Multitude, Motorpsycho, and Cadillac. The album will contain 11 songs plus an intro, some new songs are: Theater of Life, Gates Of Heaven, Queen Of the Light and Dreamaker. Olav Skei of Divided Multitude will record the drums on this album. This also is right that Olaf Hayer from Luca Turilli, Dionysus and Lord Byron will be a guest vocal on the title-track of the MEMORIZED DREAMS album. His vocals will be recorded at Gate Studios from Germany and engineered by Sascha Paeth (Heavens Gate, Rhapsody, Turilli & Kamelot). Did you get motives to listen to this new revelation of the Sound Riot? Easy, you will get their album in your hands soon...

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