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Band members
Jouni Nikula: Vocals Arto Räisälä: Guitars Teemu Hänninen: Guitars Jari Huttunen: Drums Pasi Kauppinen: Bass Henrik Klingenberg: Keyboards


REQUIEM was founded in the Autumn of 1999 in Haapajärvi, Finland. The founder members were Arto Räisälä, Matti Auvinen and Rami Repola. Their first demo "Gods of War" was released in that autumn. In this period, their music was Melodic Death/Power Metal with neo-classical influences. In the beginning 2000 Rami Repola (drums) left the band being replaced by Jari Huttunen soonly. In that period the music was heading into a more technical, melodic and fantasy direction. So, Ahti Komu (keyboards) and Teemu Hänninen (guitar) joined REQUIEM in the late winter of 2000 and the band released their second demo "Into The Night" in the following summer. In the end of the summer REQUIEM started looking for a new singer with a clean vocal and high tunes, the former MYSTERIUM vocalist Jouni Nikula was invited to the band. In the beginning of 2001 Ahti Komu (keyboards) was replaced by Henrik Klingenberg. REQUIEM played some gigs around the Finland in the winter and the audience really enjoyed what their actual line-up and new music.

with Power Neo-Classical Metal vibrations. In December 2001 was recorded 9 songs at Watercastle Studios with the mastering done by Mika Jussila at famous Finnvox Studios in January 2002. The sound quality is clear yet powerful. What about the music? It is a journey into the fantasy entitled "The Arrival".

After REQUIEM have been a surprise (or a revelation) for many music fans and writers from some places because their "The Arrival" album in the last year, now they are back with a very much mature album. If some people got impressed with the talent of this young band on their debut, these same people will simply get amazed with the big progress of these boys on this new material. "Mask Of Damnation" isn't the typical Power Metal in all, there is more elements in the REQUIEM music. A short term that could describe this new album easily is: They are breaking the boundaries!

Their new album will out in December 01, 2003. "Mask of Damnation" is a top-priority in the label and no shadow of doubts, REQUIEM is ready to be the new sensation from Finland...

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