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Unchained Bio

Band members
David Blome: Guitars Per Karlsson: Vocals Mathias Ericsson: Bass Peter Ericsson: Guitars Martin Michaelsson: Drums


UNCHAINED has been a band since the school time for David Blome, but the band was officially formed in February 1999 as he felt that this is the band he would want to put their energy in to! Featuring another line-up, they played many concerts such as Jändelfestivalen and Sweden Rock Festival, and they became known as a talented, hungry and fresh Melodic Heavy Metal band. In August the same year, the talented Martin Michaelsson joined to band.

UNCHAINED mobilized to record the single "The Antediluvian World" at Salt Island studio in Karlskrona. Daniel "Lillen" Johnsson produced the single which consisted of "King of strole", "Atlantis", "Who am I?" and "Theatre of fear". The single was well received in the local press because of its high class Heavy Metal and impressive instrumental parts. Shortly after the recordings, the new bass player was Peter Erikssons.

In the spring, UNCHAINED again made it to the finals in Musik Direkt. UNCHAINED was the most competent band of finalists and should have won, but the winner been a hip-hop artist! Some months later the first vocalist left the band. But Martin, David, Peter and Mathias felt that they had more to give. But instead of splitting up the band, they started to look for a new fronting vocalist. The band had heard the singer of a local Black Sabbath cover-band. The singer was Per Karlsson and he to try. The chemistry was just right, Per liked what her heard and said yes to join the band.

At he beginning of 2002 UNCHAINED was back!!! A number of successful festivals followed during the summer and autumn. The band had newly written, fresh and strong material to present and they felt it was time to hit the studio again. Once again with Daniel "Lillen" Johnsson as producer the recording of "Like the Candle" began in October. This time the ambitions and expectations were higher than ever. The feeling was, now or never!!! The record featured the songs "Ghost of the Alchemic Hall", "Ordinary sinner" and "Like the candle" and it was printed in December. Three completely new heavy metal tracks where melody met power, and strength met refinement: something that was always the true trademark for UNCHAINED.

In 2003 they promoted the record "Like the candle", and it reached a large audience and several gigs were played in the spring. Also were included tracks on the compilation "Raising Hell in Blekinge 2003" that was released in March. This was also the time to write new material that got to be heavier and more odd, a bit like "Like the Candle".

The long-term goal "to get signed" had finished finally! UNCHAINED signed to Sound Riot Records in September 2003. Their debut album that shall to be self-titled will be produced by Daniel "Lillen" Johnsson and recorded at Pama Studios from October 12 to November 12. The album will contain 9 songs plus intro. The release date is scheduled to February 2004.

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