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Band members
Pontus Pettersson: Guitar Fredrik Eriksson: Drums & Backing Vocals Simon Jarrolf: Guitar Henrik Wenngren: Vocals Captain Carcass: Bass

melodic death metal

Aggressive, melodic Thrash/Death Metal from Sweden. It all began with Pontus and Fredde being friends. They started to try some cool riffs together in Pontus' former bands rehearsal place. Pretty shortly some killer music was done and they needed a drummer. A guy called Adam Hobér was available. He had played drums for several years and just recently left a Black Metal band called Enthralled. They picked a name for the band, RAGE ANTHEM, and they recorded their first Demo-CD named "Fire Desires".

After a wile they changed name to WARGASM instead, a proposal from Pontus older brother, Henke Hardrock. They played live many times at local arrangements and actually had a small group of fans. They visited Sutare Studios and they recorded their second Promo-CD and then, after perhaps two years together the drummer Adam decided to leave the band. At that time an old friend to Pontus called Simon Jarrolf sometimes jammed with the boys. At the time of the 2nd Promo's recording he hanged around loyally. Being an awesome guitarist it felt pretty stupid having him playing the bass, but that was what was missing in the band, so they welcomed Simon without a doubt, but now there was a lack of a drummer instead. Erik Wallin from Enköping was recruited. A professional musician with an awesome rhythm for Metal. WARGASM was now complete and with members all having the right attitude and the will to produce mean metal. They changed name to VICIOUS and continued rocking.

After perhaps 15 months together Erik decided to drop out from the band. He did his last show the 13th of September and since then Fredde has been hammering the drums. Simon and Pontus plays therefore the guitars again. The situation maybe appears to be a bit confused, but they can assure you that the core in Vicious always will be intact. The music is getting harder, faster, more technical and better all the time. VICIOUS got 9 points out of 10 in issue nr.54 of the Swedish Metal magazine Close-up for their latest Promo. The track "High On Fire" was included on the "Soundcheck-CD", reaching many homes in Sweden.

In the end of March, Henke Wenngren (SKYFIRE's singer) is the new singer in VICIOUS! His aggressive vocals fit perfectly in the band. The screaming is pretty varied nowadays, as well as the new songs.

VICIOUS entered the awesome Studio Underground (the same studio used by Ebony Tears, Sins Of Omission, and Carnal Forge) to record their debut album after signing with Sound Riot Records in June. The album will be mastered by Peter In de Betou, famous for working with major bands from Sweden such as Dismember, Hypocrisy, Opeth, Lake Of Tears, Darkane. Their album is still untitled and were recorded 10 songs, some titles are: Boots Of Led, Trigger Needs Some Action, High On Fire, and Beast. You'll love the result...

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