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Beyond The Sixth Seal Bio

Beyond The Sixth Seal
Band members
Mike McKenzie - vocals
Adam Wentworth - guitar
Justin Chappell - guitar
Matt Woods - bass
Brendan Roche - drums


Forming in 1998 as a thrash band in the suburbs of Boston, Beyond The Sixth Seal have been constantly evolving for almost 5 years. From thrashmetal to blackmetal to their own version of melody and brutality, this Massachusetts quintet has been pushing the boundaries with each release. Despite a rocky past in terms of line-ups, founding members Brendan Roche and Justin Chappell have managed to keep the band moving forward despite numerous setbacks.

In the summer of 2000, bassist Adam Wentworth (The Red Chord) joined up with BTSS to record their debut EP "a homicide divine" in early 2001. After a European tour and a slew of shows in the states, writing for the full length began. "Earth And Sphere" was written during a major line-up change, as Adam moved to guitar and the band saw the exit of Rob Devlin (guitar) and Lawrence Kwong (vocals). Beyond The Sixth Seal continued the album writing process while searching for suitable replacements. The first to join was Matt Woods (American Nightmare) on bass, followed shortly after by Mike McKenzie (also of The Red Chord) on vocals.

The new line-up forms the strongest musical foundation the band has ever had, and allows them to move forward with an approach to metal unmatched in the US, blending melodic guitar work with vocal brutality found usually in american death metal.

Watch for their debut full length, "Earth And Sphere", this fall on Lifeforce Records.

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