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Japanische Kampfhorspiele Bio

Japanische Kampfhorspiele
Band members
Christof Kather: drums Markus Hoff: vocals Paul: vocals Klaus Nicodem: guitar Roland: guitar Bajo: bass


The attempt of an explanation...

Strictly speaking Klaus Nicodem has already offered his whole equipment for sale in the classified ads category of a musicians magazine, when he moves to Krefeld in 1998 to study towards the serious side of life. In his student hostel's kitchen he meets Christof Kather and both start by celebrating some self-sufficient sort of war-coverage on Christof's
whacked 8-track recorder. Those first attempts might be summarized as "progress through forgetting".
They cobble together something one might call metal, but the results sound as distraught as independent due to the fact that Christof only consumed Jazz, Easy Listening and Ilse Werner and in the past ten years Klaus didn't listen to anything else besides this one Ratos De Porao record. The vocals are grunted and screamed (in german of course) on rancid sounding audio cassettes that were recorded onto 1000 times before - JaKa's hour of birth, the history of grindpunk. In the following years the stoned design-students publish their student-hostel grind on several records, most of them DIY and given away to friends. While bands and industry bother about growing net-piracy and declining sales numbers, JaKa use the virtues of the internet and offer all their songs including artwork for free download. Christof: „We're not creating music for money, but against it."
After their official Debut-CD on Blutwurscht Productions (Switzerland) in 2001, Christof adds Daniel, Marco and Daniel's brother Simon to the line-up to be able to play live as well. In 2002 JAPANISCHE KAMPFHÖRSPIELE publish „Die Großstadt stinkt, ist laut und septisch" and the band sees Simon leaving again due to lack of time. The dreams of playing live were put to an end and this directly resulted in the process of writing even more new material and catching the attention of Bastardized Recordings, who release the EP „Fertigmensch" for which JaKa make use of real studio equipment for the first time in their career. They put the engineer under heavy influence of alcohol and make him sing a major part of the vocals. Bony: „From this point I couldn't back out anymore." When Paul offers assistance with his deep-growls the full band is playing its first amazing livepremier
in october 2003. In spring 2004 the sixpack heads into the studio again to record the next album „Hardcore aus der ersten Welt", to be released these days: Sawing guitars, nasty screaming, lowest
barking, blast beats and contemptuous short prose as fuck - maybe on a little higher level than in earlier years. Christof: „Lyrically we mainly criticize ourselves. We also stand in line at McDonalds for overpriced shit. Why not? One should know his enemy."

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