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Thornwill Bio

Band members
Marton Szabo - Guitars Almos Gabor - Vocals Andras Balazs - Drums Krisztian Agoston - Guitars Tamas Paroczi - Bass

Heavy/Traditional Metal

Thornwill was founded by two friends, Márton Szabó and Krisztián Ágoston in 2004, driven by the love of metal music. The goal of the founder members was to create really hard, powerful, melodic metal music that gets to the people easily.
First, Dániel Jurásek (ex-Stainless Steel) was asked to join as lead vocalist, Tamás Paróczi as bass guitar player (Obstruction) and Péter Knausz (Obstruction) as drummer; Thornwill was born. After creating Free Fall, a demo small plate containing three songs, and after a quiet period lacking shows Dániel Jurásek and Péter Knausz decided to quit the band because of other occupations.
The change was a huge loss in the bands life, but after a some time Álmos Gábor, the new singer was found. With his voice and brand new ideas gave teh band a whole lot of energy and enthusiasm. That time Thornwill decieded to create an album believing to find a new drummer meanwhile. Being lucky soon a young and talented drummer joined the band, he is András Balázs suggested by Péter Knausz, the former drummer. While composing the album some shows in Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia forged the band members together very well. Composing and recording the album took more than two years, but it worth the time, because finally the new album called Implosion is out, and available for anybody for free!

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