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Mircea Rune Michael Obeast Brylle


MNEMIC are on the move - and their new album "The Audio Injected Soul" fortifies this unalterably. "The Audio Injected Soul" shows MNEMIC grown and more mature. Less complex than "Mechanical Spin Phenomena", the band worked a lot with melodies and set a high value on creating catchy refrains. The result is amazing songs like 'Dreamstate Emergency', 'Door 2.12' or 'Deathbox' groove like hell and unify brutality with melody. Finalized by a dynamic cover version of DURAN DURAN's 'Wild Boys', "The Audio Injected Soul" is all in all a perfect package of ten punishing Modern Metal songs that will catapult MNEMIC to the major league of the genre! Tue Madsen, who again took care of the producing in his Antfarm Studios in Aarhus/Denmark, additionally provided the album with a clear and explosive sound that displays the effect of each track fully. "Mechanical Spin Phenomena" marked the beginning, and now it's the logical next step with "The Audio Injected Soul" - experience "Mainly Neurotic Energy Modifying Instant Creation"!!

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