heavy metal

Downshift Bio

Band members
Craig - Vocals Derek - Guitar / Vocals Larry - Bass / Vocals Shane - Drums / Vocals


"It's not everyday that you find a band where all the members feed off the same emotions and love. Together as one - not individuals - who live for their music which is their soul that they put out there for everyone to embrace. Just feel it and take it along with you on your journey - the ride is passion and it's ripe for the picking. The hand is extended for all of you to grab - will you ride? Come with me to a place where we can be free to be who we are!"

Once upon a time, there was a place where pure energy collided with hard-core riffs, heart-felt lyrics and solid beats. Within that place, an unbelievable power was formed. Each person who comes in contact with this power is engulfed by its tranquil mayhem.
Featuring former members of Killowatt, Dirt, Diolade, and Element, DOWNSHIFT comes together as one to take the nation by storm. Watch out for the shift, because it's going down.

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