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Brick Bath Bio

Brick Bath
Band members
Joseph McCaw - Vocals
Eric Meyer - Guitars
Pete Stone - Bass
Scott Babbel - Drums


Brick Bath is an anger fueled sonic assault. Their musical stylings could be compared to a combination of Pantera and Testament on steroids with a little nitroglycerine thrown in for good measure. Heavy, tuned down, fist to face, aggressive power metal featuring solid songwriting, stunning musicianship, and creative lyrics with undeniable hook laden grooves.

Since the bands inception in 1996, Brick Bath has been one of southern California's major contenders within the hardcore/power metal community. Formerly known as Epitaph, the band quickly gained public interest, which caught the attention of Chainsaw Records president, Woody Barber. The band signed with Chainsaw Records and went directly into the studio to record their debut album entitled "Scarred". Shortly after mixing the record, the label folded, leaving the band to wonder what was going to become of all their hard work. To keep the bands energy positive and not dwell on the demise of Chainsaw Records, they decided to go on tour. Playing to packed houses and enthusiastic audiences night after night, they co-headlined shows with such national acts as Stuck Mojo, Testament, Forbidden, Flotsam and Jetsam, and Exodus as well as numerous local acts.

After much soul searching during their road-weary days, the band opted for a facelift. Welcoming new bass player Pete Stone to the fold, and then changing their name to Brick Bath. Frustrated with producers and engineers that couldn't find the sound that the band heard in their heads and wanted to achieve on tape, Brick Bath built their own recording studio and stood by the motto, "If you want something done right, do it yourself". They recorded a fresh, new album that captures the agony and ecstasy of becoming the band they were meant to be. Pushing themselves to new limits and defining the Brick Bath sound. Self produced and engineered by guitarist Eric Meyer, the final result is the bands forthcoming new album, "I Won't Live the Lie". "This record is about hitting the breaking point when you don't feel anything anymore. Whatever pushes you to that point, whether it's anger, frustration, or depression, when those feelings take over, that is..."I Won't Live the Lie", explains vocalist Joseph McCaw.

From the wall of guitars mauling the listener on tracks like "Inner Peace" and "Die Alone", to the melodic overtones of "Simple Life" and "Sick of You", Brick Bath has sent heavy music into a tailspin. With 14 new tracks, this record reaches new depths of emotion and heights of intensity. Bassist Pete Stone states, "There's no point in riding the fine line. This whole record is extreme from one end of the spectrum to the other!" As Brick Bath embarks on their latest venture, they are fully prepared to set the world afire and renew faith in the personal nature of heavy music.

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