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Sunn Bio

Band members
Stephen O'Malley - guitars Greg Anderson- guitars


The self-described "power ambient" duo Sunn 0))) (also known as Sunn) formed in the mid-'90s and is headed up by guitarists Stephen O'Malley and Greg Anderson. These two are both experienced players in the doom metal underground, having been involved in numerous bands in addition to running the noted doom label Southern Lord. Anderson's credits include Goatsnake and Thorr's Hammer, while O'Malley has been involved with Thorr's Hammer, Burning Witch, and Khanate, among other bands.

Sunn specializes in extended, trance-like drones that are built up around low-end guitar and bass feedback. Their main inspirations are the early works of the Melvins and, even more so, Earth, who are alluded to in some of Sunn's song titles. (In fact, Sunn began as an Earth tribute band and originally called themselves Mars.) Their basic approach was laid down on their first two releases, The Grimmrobe Demos (recorded in 1998 but not released until 2000) and 00 Void (recorded and released in 2000); these albums were the first two releases on the Hydra Head Records subsidiary Double H Noise Industries. Sunn's third album, Flight of the Behemoth, came out in early 2002 on Southern Lord and showed them branching out from their droning guitar/bass foundation, adding drums and vocals on one track and enlisting noise/power electronics king Merzbow to mix and tweak two of the other ones, resulting in their most diverse and impressive recording.

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