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The Burning Season Bio

The Burning Season
Band members
Dave: Guitar Frank Colesanti: Bass and Vocals Chris Josleyn: Drums and Vocals Mike Josleyn: Vocals Jason Keeney: Guitar


"Five friends out to do what we love..." The Burning Season began in late 2001 taking the name from a concept created by the band of a disaster occurring and the rebuilding to follow. Formerly known as Worlds Apart, a five piece metal core band out of Bowie Maryland, centered around guitar enthused riffing and intense melodic breakdowns. The name was disregarded due to changes in members, copyrights, as well as the overall sound and direction of the band. With the idea of dropping the old name and starting fresh with a couple of new faces and a larger, more melodic sound, The Burning Season hope to create an un-compromised voice driven by raw emotion and intensity.

After getting a small taste of the road through several short tours with such bands as , The Agony Scene, As I lay Dying, Full Blown Chaos, Haste the day and Evergreen Terrace the band instantly knew that what was always a dream could potentially be a reality through hard work and dedication. With unexpected fan reaction and a small buzz being created, the band soon realized their was magic amongst the group and it was time to take it to the next level. Consisting of five members, Jason, Dave, Frank, Chris, and Mike each drawing their own influences from bands like Atreyu, Underoath, Poison the well, Majority rule, KillSwitch Engage, Coheed and Cambria, In Flames and Zao. The Burning Season are planned to turn more then a few heads with their debut album entitled "The Haze Of Infatuation" due out on Hand of Hope records in the early winter of 2005.

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