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Vox Interium
Band members
Peter Nowak - vocals/guitars Ralf Wojtowicz - bass Peter Syryca - drums

death metal

Vox Interium was formed in 1997, by Peter Syryca (drums) and Peter Nowak (guitar & vocals). After several line-up changes Vox Interium recorded their first demo in June 1998, which was melodic and heavy in the Thrash/Doom style. It led to the first live-shows and good reviews in the underground scene. After this the band recorded 4 more demos to convince the press and make a strong appearance in the underground-scene. In 2001 their debut-CD "Zymosis of Souls" was released in Poland by a small underground label and Vox Interium did a lot of interviews and live-shows, but problems occurred with their manager and label soon after. In 2002 Ralf Wojtowicz became the new bass player and Vox Interium rose to a higher level. Finally "Yearning" was recorded, but not yet professionally released. When New Aeon Media heard this album they were convinced that Vox Interium deserved to do their first real CD, and the experience of this Polish Death Metal band is obvious when you listen to the album…

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