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Jumbo's Killcrane Bio

Jumbo's Killcrane
Band members
Erik Jarvis - vocalist/guitarist Troy Richardson - bass Noel McGinty - drums


Sadly, the band was formed in 1998 or 1999 by Erik Jarvis and Adrian Proctor. After years of painful meddling they were able to amass 13 ex-bass players, 3 albums, and 3 vans, none of which they liked except for the last van and the last bass player, Troy Richardson. While recording their 4th album at Blacklodge Studios w/Robert Rebeck, it was apparent that Adrian Proctor had become ill, and swollen with child. Forced to reconsider his sex and his musical ability, he quit the band and gave birth later that summer to a beaming baby girl. Folks say you can still hear him scream if you walk down that old road at night during a fat moon. So then Noel joined the band and all went great. The album came out in the fall, went platinum, and they lived happily ever after next to P-Diddy....referring of course to his house in the Hamptons...not the suite in Manhattan.

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