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SoulHealer Bio

Band members
Teemu Aho - Bass Jori Kärki - Vocals Sami Mikkonen - Guitar Teemu Kuosmanen - Guitar Timo Immonen - Drums

Melodic Heavy Metal

The foundation for what was to become SoulHealer was laid in late 2009. After a few line-up changes, the last of them almost directly after the recordings, they released their first EP Dreamcatcher. The first 300 copies of the EP sold out in less than a fortnight which was a whole lot quicker than the band or anybody else had anticipated.

After an EP launching gig SoulHealer did shows around the Kainuu area, always with a huge response from their crowd. Meanwhile the EP received good reviews, one magazine even stated the band would have landed a record deal had they released the EP 20 years ago. At the end of 2010 SoulHealer enjoyed their first international tourné in Kostomuksha Russia at a local festival Nord Session invited there by none other than the mayor of the city of Kostomuksha.

The year 2011 started with more shows, now expanding to the rest of Finland. In February the band started to record their first album The Kings of Bullet Alley under the guidance of engineers Pentti Amore, Juho Ilkko and Jaakko Kauppinen. The album is scheduled to be released on June 17th 2011.

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