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Handful of Hate
Band members
Gionata Potenti - drums Nicola Bianchi - guitar/vox Claudio Alcara - guitar/bass


Born on 1993 in Italy, HANDFUL OF HATE are and will always be under the flag of the Black arts. A lot of line-up changes during the years have slowed down the band's life but anyway HANDFUL OF HATE gave the world the first proof of existence with the "Goetia Summa" demo (1994), a tape shortly after became a pure living Kult release. HANDFUL OF HATE started playing live supporting this tape and after a lot of successful great shows on northern Italy, the first deal to release an album arrived on 1996. "Qliphothic Supremacy" (1997) it's the first Black opera of Supreme Occult Black-Metal Art. The band supported the release with a lot of national shows all over the country. On 1999 the band released the second attack under the name of "Hierarchy 1999". This last one piece of vengeance upon mankind shows a different face of HANDFUL OF HATE, a more violent, faster and evil one that could be described as Infernal Brutal and Fast Black-Metal, lyrically influenced by Fetish-Sexual-Carnal concepts. Lots of great shows and interest through media make of HANDFUL OF HATE, one of the most extreme, discussed and supported band of Italy. A Swedish label called Downfall Records, released on 2001 the "Death From Above" 7"-ep, containing two tracks of pure extreme violence. On October 2002 the band signed a deal with Code7 Management, just to promote the band throughout the whole European countries with a two tracks promo, recorded on January 2002. The new stuff is absolutely skilled and comes with a very clean and powerful production... the best HANDFUL OF HATE's stuff ever. One of the two tracks coming from this last promo, has been included on the long awaited "Better Undead Than Alive" Double-Compilation CD vol.1, spawned by Code666 Records on January 2003. The release comes with a very elegant artwork including a multimedia track containing bio, photos and infos about the band itself. "Better Undead Than Alive" contains just exclusive tracks never published by the bands elsewhere. On October 2002 the band signed an agreement with Code666 Records to release the long awaited and delayed third official full-length album. This new opera came out in October 2003 and it's called "Vicecrown". A lot of time has passed and a lot of members have been replaced during these hard years but as the phoenix reborns from the ashes showing the world a new life and courage, HANDFUL OF HATE once again shown everyone a new extreme face and a new powerful attitude. The band's influences are now moving towards Black-Death-Metal fields, so the band preferred to define itself simply using the term "Carnal-Black-Metal", a brutal blast of skilled cutting razor violence machine! In November 2003 Warlord Records finally unleashed the long awaited "Scorn And Conquest" 7"-EP containing the last unreleased song coming from the "promo 2002" plus an Impaled Nazarene cover ("The Horny And The Horned"), recorded in April 2003 just for this release. All limited to 500 copies!

Handful Of Hate are actually playing live as much as they can, just to promote "ViceCrown" the best way possible but in the meantime, the band decided to put the entire "promo 2000" on a MCD edition. The result is the "Blood Calls Blood" MCD that will see the light in late December 2003 thanx to Swedish Downfall Records again. "Blood Calls Blood" will contain the whole "Death From Above" 7"-ep plus 3 exclusive and previously unreleased tracks coming from the 1999-2000 period. To be continued…

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