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Sorrowseed Bio

Band members
Lilith Astaroth - vocals Casey Jones - vocals Morte McAdaver - guitar Chris Adamcek - guitars and backing vocals Joe Gavin - drums Dan Lifshits - keys J - bass

Gothic/Black/Death Metal

Sorrowseed is a melodic doom metal project from Massachusetts. Strongly influenced by Opeth and Amorphis, Sorrowseed's primary subject matter is that of apocalypse and the fictional ways in which the world meets its demise. Their debut release, "THE EXTINCTION PROPHECIES", is a double-disc album released in February of 2011; each side detailing the apocalyptic fate of men.
Disc 1 chronicles the reckoning brought upon by the Reaping Willow (portrayed by Lilith Astaroth). Once an avatar of the goddess Demeter, the Willow was a tree of wisdom. When mankind rejected her fruit, she wept for their ignorance and became the Weeping Willow. Now that mankind is bringing about the ruination of the planet and spreading like a disease, she has gone mad with wrath, sprouted blades and set out for mankind's extinction. The songs illustrate her duality and insanity, going between absolute sorrow for the fallen human race and undiluted anger for their crimes against nature.
Disc 2 tells of the Scarab Prophet and the False Gods (portrayed by Casey Jones). Ancient and terrible things from beyond our material plane of existence, these Lovecraftian horrors are summoned up by the increasingly nihilistic members of the human race. The Prophet, once a mortal man himself, sought the answers to existence ages ago. He entered into a dream quest and vanished into the unknowable reaches of dark dimensions. Through the efforts of modern day cultists, the Scarab Prophet resurfaces in the arid wastelands and gathers desperate doomsayers to perform the ritual to tear a hole in reality, bringing about the incursion of the False Gods to devour the world. The songs are ruthless and haunting, portraying the horrific entities driven only by hunger and an alien intellect, holding no mercy for the beings they are poised to consume.

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