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Sorcier des Glaces
Band members
Sorcier Des Glaces - Vocals,guitars,bass, lyrics Luc Gaulin - Drums & Percussions

Black Metal

Sorcier Des Glaces started in 1997 with the interest of doing a kind of "tribute" to early Black Metal, This is a whole concept obsessed by misanthropy, infused with a total black hate for humanity. SDG has released its first album "Snowland" at the beginning of 1998: that album has never got a distribution deal or a professional release, it was only available as a CDR copy distributed by the band itself. In 1999, Sorcier Des Glaces entered the studio to record a second offering "Moonrise in total Darkness". That album wasn't released until december 2006, on Mankindís Demise Records. Many reasons has kept this album in the dark for 7 years, since its recording.

In 2010, A lot of new material was composed. Sorcier Des Glaces announced a trilogy of new albums to be recorded in 2010/2011. The band entered their own Hell Studios in Quebec in August 2010 to record their third album "The Puressence of Primitive Forests", The album is set to be released on July 2011 on Mankind's Demise Records. The second album of the trilogy will be called "North" and finally the third and final chapter "Ritual of the End". These two albums will be released later in 2012.

The band also announced the re-recording of the first album, 1998' Snowland that will be named "Snowland - Reprise MMXI". The band plans to release the remake album on December 2011 via a still undetermined label yet.

Finally, the band will release a split MCD/Vinyl with Quebec's MONARQUE on Obscure Abhorrence Productions in 2011. Still no release date available but all songs are recorded. That mini-album will feature a 10 min song epic "Unholy Path to Immortality" along with a cover song from Darkthrone "A Blaze in the Northern Sky".

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