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Opus Dai Bio

Opus Dai
Band members
Chris-Paul Basso - voice Atsushi Miyamoto - guitar Jagger Gonzales - drums David Alva - bass


Opus Dai cultivates a rich and varied aural landscape - a place where diverse sounds blend into a singular musical force. Driving and aggressive yet gentle in spirit, an epic and graceful warmth stokes the fires that burn brightly for Opus Dai. Drawing on influences from Led Zeppelin and Jeff Buckley to Tool and The Mars Volta, Opus Dai weave broad musical tapestry. The superlative musicianship and beautifully crafted songs are the hallmark of this newly formed yet years in the making band.

Like individual rivulets of water edging their way to a common sea, the history of Opus Dai is a journey that begun several years ago with the formation of L.A's noted multi-ethnic, world music influenced O.H.M. With diverse cultural backgrounds and inspirations, the four members of Opus Dai rose from the ashes of O.H.M. to meet at a common center. Distorted Hendrix-like guitars exist alongside soaring vocals and urgent drums to create a potent mix of melody and ferocity.

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