heavy metal


Band members
Isamu Sato - Bass Mike Scheidt - Guitars/Vox Travis Foster - Drums


2001: YOB recorded it's first full length record for 12th Records in Spokane ,Washington titled Elaborations Of Carbon (Mike Scheidt on guit. and vox, Lowell Iles on bass and Gabe Morley on drums). This offering received dozens of rave reviews from magazines/fans worldwide, securing YOB's place as one of the best DOOM metal bands in the scene today.The Lollipop Magazine review of Elaborations Of Carbon says, "Six mighty songs of beautiful doom-laden sound, full and expansive. Inverted, hanging riffs, Melvenoid spacey trudging, Tab-esque motion, and a deep
well of compositional creativity...only a complete dupe would say this isn't a good one".

Playing countless shows since their formation, YOB is just as at home playing to hardcore punk and extreme metal fans as they are in front of stoner/doom metal audiences. Having shared the stage with diverse bands such as Isis, Soilent Green, Electric Wizard, Botch, Playing Enemy, Darkest Hour, The Locust, Orange Goblin,Warhorse, Witch Mountain, Repulsion (Genocide), Alabama Thunderpussy, High On Fire,Will Haven, Ghostride, Nausea(LA), Lost Goat, Ludicra, Wormwood, Fall Of The Bastards, Face Down In Shit, Fuck God In The Face, Stinking Lizaveta, Sons Of Otis, Unearthly Trance,The Suplecs, Operator Generator, Old Grandad, Artimus Pyle, Sea Of Green, Bongzilla, Unida, Dixie Witch, Goatsblood and many many more. It is clear to those who have witnesssed YOB live that they easily carve their place into any line-up they appear with.

In 2002 YOB secured a recording contract with Lunasound/Abstract Sounds. Their first cd for this label, Catharsis, will hit the streets worldwide November 4th, 2003. Featuring a stonger production and three songs clocking in at 50 minutes, those who have heard it proclaime it is the best YOB record yet.

Look for YOB in their now classic line-up of Mike Scheidt (guitar/VOX), Isamu Sato (Bass) and Travis Foster (drums). This dedicated and truly HEAVY band will continue to hold high the flag of DOOM for all that are brave enough to listen.

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