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Into Eternity
Band members
Chris Krall - lead / death vocals Rob Doherty - guitar / death vocals Tim Roth - lead / death vocals, guitar Scott Krall - bass / backing vocals Jim Austin - percussion / death vocals


Regina, Saskatchewan is known as the sunniest capital city in Canada, even though the city experiences an average of 30 blizzard hours a year. Perhaps that contrast in climates helps to explain the origins of the sonic yin/yang known as INTO ETERNITY. Just as their home city shifts between darkness and light, the quintet seamlessly melds the seemingly disparate worlds of progressive power metal and technical death metal, one reason US' Metal Maniacs magazine recently declared that the band has created "a genre all its own." The group's nucleus - drummer Jim Austin, bassist Scott Krall and guitarist Tim Roth - began playing together as teenagers. Their early demos caught the attention of Dutch label DVS, which released the band's self-titled debut album in 2000. Just before a series of high-profile shows (including a performance at ProgPower Europe and a series of Canadian concerts with Nevermore), INTO ETERNITY returned to the studio to record 2001's Dead Or Dreaming. Reflecting the diversity of the music, it was praised by publications all over the world. A full North American tour in support of Kataklysm, Dying Fetus and Hate Eternal followed.

While Dead Or Dreaming hinted at their potential, the group's third album (and Century Media debut), Buried In Oblivion, sets a new standard for how diverse metal can be. Bridging the gap between Dream Theater and Opeth, the 10-track recording - which sees the addition of new guitarist Rob Doherty and new vocalist Chris Krall - features a mixture of soaring melodic vocals, classic rock-influenced harmonies and blackened death growls layered across a backdrop of unabashed virtuosity. Much as the band's hometown is a study in contrast between the bleakness of winter storms and the warmth of summer sunlight, the music of INTO ETERNITY sees metallic aggression coexist with walls of vocals and exhilarating stop-on-a-dime riffing. Fresh and modern yet undeniably timeless, this is the sound of tomorrow's metal.

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