heavy metal

Yattering Bio

Band members
Hudy - guitar
Svierszcz - bass, vocals
Zabek - drums

symphonic black metal

Yattering has been established in 1996, when three of the present members met by coincidence. These were: Hudy (guitar), Svierszcz (bass&voc) and Zabek (drums). The meeting resulted in forming a band, which is regarded by many as a part of so-called metal scene, yet remains unconventional and controversial within that category. Two years of rehearsals, performances and recordings enabled Yattering to introduce their music to larger audience with the memorable first album "Human's Pain". Although released under a small, independent label, it turned out to be the best debut album of the year 1998, according to the charts published in Polish music press. Later that year, a new guitarist (Thrufel) joined the group, finally completing the line-up. The band's hard work and dedication resulted in gaining considerable respect within the metal market and growing attention of several labels. In 1999 the band, tempted with many promises, signed the contract and therefore the second album "Murder's Concept" was released a year later. The group achieved something that seemed unattainable at first, as they managed to compose and record an album far better than the previous one. The music and its constant promotion during numerous performances in Poland and whole Europe strengthened the position of the quartet. After three years such run of luck came to an end. The band had to face the consequences of signing misleading contracts and having too much trust in the music industry. However, nothing can discourage Yattering from playing and composing. Growing disagreement with the producer seriously delayed the finishing of the next LP and finally resulted in recording the album "III". Unfortunately, all the effort got virtually wasted, as the producer considered the piece to be a joke. Although it was in no way worse than the previous albums, it has never been released. Now this difficult situation seems to change after all, as in 2002 the band signed to the British label "Candlelight" and entrusted it with the production of the new album. The phenomenon of Yattering can be easily explained: they shattered the musical and ideological boundaries, never following any trends or fads. They perform such a "weird" music just for the amazing pleasure it gives. That's why their music is equally enjoyable for the fans, who stood by their side in the hard times, giving constant support and encouragement. The music has been continually improving since the early beginning. In what direction is the band heading? Are they going to rise up to the expectations and astonish their fans? The new album is to be released in March, 2003... Believe in the music!

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